What I learned…Week Two & Three

What I contributed/Blogs I commented on:

Forms ( I filled out many of the forms. Some are listed others are not (couldn’t track them all))





Blogs commented on (some are in moderation) :









Responses to comments others made (found on my blog):

I responded to Swati on my WOW! post and on my Tech Task #2 Part 1 post, to anonymous on my Screenr Screencasts post, and to Kelly Gosselin on my Tech Task #3- Why Schools post.

Posts made since last summary post (found on my blog):

What I learned from others contributions:

I have been reading a lot of posts from everyone’s blog ( May 10th-24th).  Every body has been finding so many different ideas, videos, pictures, quotes, etc and sharing them. I really appreciate the thought and time spent in every post and every post has definitely given me lots to think about.

Sessions from this week(s):

Session Two: Michael Wacker All Things Google– Reflection, comments, and questions:

This session was all about google: how to use it, where to find useful apps, etc. I found it extremely interesting and definitely learnt a lot. I spent a lot of time exploring and have found several really great apps.  I have been thinking about apps that could be used in the younger elementary years( pre- k- 5) as I am hoping to focus my teaching practice on those grades (especially grade 1 and 2). I wonder  how other teachers have used technology in those specific grades.

Session Three: Will Richardson Why School?–  Reflection, comments, and questions:

This session was all about looking at the role of schools and of teachers in the 21st century. This presentation was particularly difficult for me mostly because it was so overwhelming to think about. This session opened my eyes to the reality that my colleagues and I have a huge job to do that will likely involve lots of change. At first it scared me a lot but as I have reflected on it doesn’t scare me as much. When I started out thinking about becoming a teacher I really wanted to be a part of the learning process that my students would go through and the ‘ah ha’ moments. I wanted them to experience learning in a positive way and be inspired. I still do want these things but I have come to realize that one of they ways to do this is to incorporate technology into the classroom, allow the students to take control of their learning, realize  that I am just a part of that learning process, and to show them that I am a learner too. Thank you Will Richardson for sharing with us!

Session Four: Sue Waters Becoming a Better Blogger– Reflection, comments, and questions:

This session was about how to create a better blog. Sue gave me lots of tips and ideas for making my own blog better. Thank you so much Sue for sharing your knowledge with us.

4 thoughts on “What I learned…Week Two & Three

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  3. Nice summary and in essence you’re making your final assignments easier to do. Not to be critical, because what you’ve done here is great but as you think about sharing this again or at the end of the term, I’d love to perhaps see a little more commentary around the impact on your thinking and your decision making process in sharing. I guess I’m talking about more metacognition. Perhaps that means fewer examples but more depth.

    That said, I think this is a fantastic idea and one I’d only thought of to do at the end. I like what you’ve started here.

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